How long does it take to receive test results?

We have results for the provider via the online web portal in as little as 12 hours from the time we receive the specimen.

What should I do if my in-office rapid antigen test shows all negative results?

The CDC states “Due to the limited sensitivities, negative results of RIDTs do not exclude influenza virus infection in patients with signs and symptoms suggestive of influenza.” “…further influenza testing of respiratory specimens by molecular assays may be indicated.”

What is the difference between my in-office rapid antigen test, and TEN Healthcare’s test?

In office RIDTs have low sensitivity and can only test for a limited number of pathogens that could be causing any infection or virus. Due to the limited sensitivity and specificity of in-office RIDTs, false negatives are very common in these tests. It is recommended to confirm negatives on your in office testing.

Are transportation requirements the same for my T.E.N. Healthcare specimen as normal culture specimen?

No. We recommend that specimens be sent to the lab as soon as possible, but if a specimen is delayed, or has to sit in unstable temperatures there is no issue in the testing. Testing via PCR will identify the DNA of pathogens whether those pathogens are alive or dead. No live pathogens have to be grown and cultured cutting down turnaround time to just one day.

What pathogens can TEN Healthcare test for?

Our complete panels for our different test options are located on our website. Please click here to view our different panels and what pathogens are included each.

How will I receive test results?

You will receive results by secure fax, mail, email, or through our online physicians results portal.

Who pays for this test?

The laboratory will bill your patient's insurer directly for its services. Then, your insurance company will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). The EOB is not a bill. It is simply a statement that shows how your insurer processed the claim for the test. Depending on your insurance carrier, you may receive a statement for a co-payment or a deductible. TEN Healthcare has a flat fee price for any patients who are truly without healthcare coverage or experiencing financial hardship. All billing questions can be answered here under our billing tab or by calling our billing office.